Configurable features of ONE STEP CHECKOUT extension of MAGENTO

Mangento extension is defined as the module/plugin/add-on which provides additional features that are not available with the default Magento shopping cart. There are numerous extensions available for Magento like Faq management, inquiries management, advance testimonials, our services etc. However in this particular blog our focus is on one step checkout extension of Magento. And speaking of one step checkout we would be emphasizing on configurable features of one step checkout.

Main focus of FME One Step Checkout is to reduce the checkout time for your customer and as a result increasing your sales conversion rate. One Step Checkout Magento Extension is a must to have if you are serious about earning from your online magento store. The six long steps of default Magento checkout process is laborious and time consuming and also creates possibility that your customer might loose interest while filling out those 6 tabs. Following are some of the configurable features of one step checkout extension;
  • One step checkout is easy to install, all you need to do is to just copy and then run
  • This extension is comparatively easy to use, manage, & customize
  • You can Enable/disable this extension from its admin panel
  • Facilitates the user to set title for the One Page Checkout page.
  • Facilitates the user to set the content of One Page Checkout of his/her own choice.
  • You can Enable/disable the content of this extension.
  • Facilitate the user to set the text for the link for the login.
  • Facilitate the user to set Meta Information of each category.
  • Facilitate the user to set the color of his/her own choice for the tabs of all fields.
  • Enabling to Customize the design according to your theme
  • Providing the feature to set css for the headings text of tabs.
  • Providing the feature to set css for the buttons on One Page Checkout.
  • Providing the feature to set the width of Pop-ups for Agreements.
  • Providing the feature to add different messages for Ajax loader used to update each field

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