Facebook Store Pro Installation

Download Facebook Store Pro Magento Extension here.

#1 Installation:

  1. Extract Magento Extension.
  2. Using your FTP client upload app, skin directories to your magento store root. This would not overwrite any files, just add the extension to its folder.
  3. That’s all.

#2 Implement Extension

Set Up New Facebook Application at https://developers.facebook.com/apps
  1. Type in your Application name:

and click “Create App”

2. In the next page, navigate to “Basic”:

and fulfill the form. where in:

  • Canvas Page: The url to access your facebookshop application.
  • Canvas URL: The url from your store with facebookshop extension installed.

and then click “Save Changes”.

3. Now you are done

And here are some usefull URL for you

  • Canvas Page: The full URL where you can access your application
  • “Application Profile Page” : The about application page where you can post wall, update for your apps and attractive Facebook users

4. If you already had a facebook account with a page. You can attach your application to your page when you are on “Application Profile Page”

  • Click Add to My Page or Add to My Page’s Favorites
  • Select the page to add, you can setup custom tab name on your page for the application

#3 Extension Configuration

Facebook Connect Options:
  • Enabled: Enable or disable facebook connector module.
  • Application Api Key: Application Api Key.
  • Application Secret: Application Secret.
  • Application ID: Application ID.
Personal Wall Posting(When place an order):
  • Enabled: Enable or disable facebook wall posting.
  • Wall message description: Detail message description.
  • Post product Image: Post product Image.
Personal Wall Posting(When register an account):
  • Enabled: Enable or disable facebook wall posting.
  • Wall message: Message template.
Invite Friends:
  • Enabled: Enable or disable invite friends function.
  • Message: Message which sent to friends.
Show Discount to Fan
  • Enabled: Enable or disable showing discount coupon. It requiries your friends like you before seeing discount information.
  • Discount Information: Discount coupon detail.
There are more many features added in latest version, so feel free to contact our support for any question.