Google Friend Connect for Magento Social Networking integration

Why Social Integration for Magento Store? Because this mean your site will appear to many millions users of Social Network, you can get targeted traffic to the website. But why Google Friend Connect while you have Facebook Fanpage? Well, of course more integration meaning your site will be more popular. However as you know Google are meeting major problems with their quality search results and they are doing best to improve their ranking algorithms. In fact, it is hard to know if a website have good content or not and how to detect black-hat SEO trick. And I guess in feature, volume of members joined your site via Google Friend Connect gadgets and volume of recommendation via Googe Plus will be important factors to rank your website. So don’t miss this now.

OK here is how we will implement and display Google Friend Connect Gadgets on your Magento Store
1. Download Google Social Magento Extension
Google Friend Connect Magento Extension

And install the extension (just upload files with correct directory as installation guide)

2. Go to Google Friend Connect
to signup Google Friend Connect with your google account.

3. Once signup with Google Friend Connect, on the left side you should be see a menu saying “Add new site”
Just follow that and fill in necessary information
Most important is Website name and Website URL of your website.
At moment, the gadget will just display on your website if you are setting URL for your account to be same your domain or subdomain (if you are going to display widgets on a subdomain website). Different URL will lead to an error when display gadgets

4. You are almost done. Now you will see your website appear on the left side. Just click on it in order to grab gadgets code. Navigate to Gadgets -> All gadgets, you will see all possible widgets, just choose ones you need and click on Get this gadget.

5. Now you have gadget HTML code, go to Magento admin -> System Configuration -> OnlineBizSoft -> Google Social. Fill out your code and you are done (please choose position where you want to display gadgets – interface is straight forward)

Leave a comment if you have any problem with Google Social Magento Extension Installation. In next posts, we will intro about Google Plus and how to add it on Magento products view page.

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