Magento is logging Dispatch Controller

I take a short break from the Magento series, as I get the depth of the SAB and Lot through a crunch phase at The Day Job ™. help out in the interest of the Internet and the selfless selfish interests, my front page to keep free from mold content, I thought I would pass on a simple controller dispatch logging patch for Magento. This is especially useful if you threw the establishment a new module and can not figure out why Magento will not see, or if Magento CMS considers the 404-page in your face

A Few Caveats

1st These files are not a true Magento module. While powerful, something would have to do is like this with Magento’s system override an order of magnitude more difficult
2nd Because of the above, I can not make any promises about using this with anything but version Magneto
3rd Standard reservations on production server application. Use at your own risk, no guarantees, etc.


Take the “magician” folder ( and place it in


so that your directory tree looks like


Then you turn on logging, and you should see messages in your system.log run that in something like this

2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Matching router [standard] = Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard  vs. request
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Module: helloworld
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Found Modules: Array
    [0] => Alanstormdotcom_Helloworld

2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Setting Route Name [helloworld] on request
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Passing request into controller Alanstormdotcom_Helloworld_IndexController
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Setting Module Name to: helloworld at Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard::match(248)
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Setting Controller Name to: index at Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard::match(250)
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Setting Action Name to: index at Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard::match(252)
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Calling dispatch method on Alanstormdotcom_Helloworld_IndexController
2009-09-20T16:55:48+00:00 DEBUG (7): Action Controller: Alanstormdotcom_Helloworld_IndexController dispatching with action [index]

You will also see, whenever a message can not meet a Magento module, controller or action method, which is useful when debugging problems 404.

(Based on Alanstorm Turtorial)