Magento – Adding new admin Menu item in custom module

You have a custom Magento module which need to add a new menu item to Magento backend. The menu can either add new item in top or add new item under an existing dropdown. Here is how you can add menu via XML file
Add below section in your XML config.xml file of your module your_namespace/your_module/etc/config.xml

       <importerweddingstar translate="title" module="importer">
        <title>Import WeddingStar</title>
       <importerfashioncraft translate="title" module="importer">
          <title>Import FashionCraft</title>

If you need to edit existing menu items of core modules then follow this post
Modify / change Admin Menu without edit core module

If your module doesn’t have a helper, you need a quick solution without needing translation ability then please delete translate=”title” module=”importer” from XML declare to avoid
Fatal error: Class ‘XXX_XXX_Helper_Data’ not found in …app/Mage.php on line 523.

Hopes this helps you to add your own menu :)