Magento Developer Certification Intro

Magento Certified Developer

The Magento Certified Developer knows the features existing in the Magento core and how to
implement them. In addition to that, he or she knows how the database storage is architected and has experience with the implementation details of all core Magento modules. A Magento Certified
Developer can not only customize existing features, but can also add completely new
functionalities using the Magento framework. A Magento Certified Developer is able to extend the
core APIs to implement advanced integrations.

A Magento Certified Developer can skillfully use all business processes in Magento, such as:
  Structure of catalog, indexes, promotions, price generation logic
  Architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods, sales/order processing
  Advanced core knowledge — forms/grids full functionality, API, widgets, etc.

A Certified Magento Developer can make design decisions on the code level, including (for
  How to parse data files
  Steps of import
  Data verification
  Logging (etc.)

Magento Certified Developer Exam
The Magento Certified Developer Exam consists of items testing the following objectives:
 Basics (5%)
 Request Flow (7%)
 Rendering (8%)
 Working with Database in Magento (12%)
 Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Model (10%)
 Adminhtml (8%)
 Catalog (10%)
 Checkout (15%)
 Sales and Customers (12%)
 Advanced features (13%)

Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam
The Magento Certified Developer Plus has achieved all the skills above, but has taken that
knowledge to the next level. They are skillful in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and have
delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can
give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento.

The Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam exam will consist of the Standard exam with the
addition of:
 Items testing knowledge of Magento Enterprise Edition v1.9
 Additional “challenge items” testing knowledge of the deep structure of Magento, drawn
from the following topics:
o Advanced Grids/Forms
o Advanced System Configuration
o EAV Concepts
o Form and Grid Widgets
o Catalog Product Types
o Total Models Schema
o Magento Indexes