Magento – Disable / remove Secret Key from Admin / backend URL

This article show you a necessary trick to improve your Magento installation security.
A new secret key is created every time you login to Magento Admin. So, there will be a unique key (32 chars long) for each session of your Magento admin login. This key is appended to the admin URL as http://your-magento-admin-url/key/743c37b1…adf6588/

This is basically added for security reason. In their release note, Magento say that they added secret key to URL for CSRF (Cross-site request forgery)Attack Prevention.

Cross-site request forgery, also known as a one-click attack or session riding and abbreviated as CSRF or XSRF, is a type of malicious exploit of a website whereby unauthorized commands are transmitted from a user that the website trusts. Unlike cross-site scripting (XSS), which exploits the trust a user has for a particular site, CSRF exploits the trust that a site has in a user’s browser.

You can learn more about CSRF here:-

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Sometime you may want to access admin URL without the secret key. For this, you can disable the secret key from admin URL.

Here is how you do it:-

- Login to admin
- Go to System -> Configuration -> ADVANCED -> Admin -> Security -> Add Secret Key to URLs
- Select No
- Save Config

You are done. You will not see the secret key in admin URL nowonwards.

Hope this helps. Thanks.