Magento Extensions and Modules

Magento is a powerful e-commerce system which offers wide customisation possibilities by extensions and modules. It is built on a full modular model that influences an unlimited scalability and flexibility for your online store. Magneto extensions provide different features. Like you can manage brands easily through admin panel from product pages. It lets your visitors to search and shop by their specific brand. It also allows you to set up products in any category.

Let us first discuss what a module is. A module is a self-contained component of a system, which has a well defined interface to the other components. Modular means it includes or uses modules which can be interchanged as units without disassembly of the module. Magento module is an extension which extends the features and functionality of Magento. All Magento Ecommerce modules are immediately accessible via templates tags from any template file as Magento has fully object oriented programming. Magento is an out of the box feature rich software which means that you do not have to be dependent on a programmer in case you need to do some task on the site.

Magento developers keep working on this application. This is the reason why new Magento modules regularly appear on the stage. In order to track all Magento Modules and make them available for the largest number of Magento users a special article called Modules Wanted was created. This article lists existing Magento Modules and gives links where you can find them. Some of the Magento modules are

-Email Marketing;
- Customer “Give feedback/review on products
you just bought” email;
- Discount Memberships/Customer Groups;
- Loyalty Program;
- IP based pricing;
- Multi Pricing;
- Product Uploads;
- ShipWire;
- Call Centers and Custom Invoicing;
- Tokens/Credits

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