Magento Facebook Application

The Magento Facebook App is a set of awesome Magento Marketing Extensions for connecting Magento store with Facebook platform. Magento Facebook Application expand and promote your business to Facebook users. Allows you to integrate social shopping via facebook. Facebook Marketing is not at all an exaggerated zeal but this is the most preferred marketing strategy since it offers plethora of benefits. Every small/big online business makes use of facebook advantage as it conveys word-of-mouth advertising resulting in effective marketing.
Magento Facebook Connector – one click login/authentication, auto wall posting and promote new products
Facebook Store Solution – quick shipping and checkout directly on Facebook fans page

These extension enable your customer to shop from your product catalogue that is available on your magento store through facebook profile. Thus you can run your magento store with facebook identity. This maximizes the social media marketing and increase in sales. The extension permits the user to recommend their favorite product to all their friends increasing the product publicity among the users network. The user can even invite a friend to buy the product from the product catalogue. The extension helps to convert the new user to registered user automatically, thus every new customer on your magento store is changed to active customers by default facebook login.

Added Features

  • Enables social shopping and achieves social marketing at one shot.
  • Enable users to recommend your product to their network.
  • One click account creation and login
  • Tracking Facebook users profile connected from Facebook in admin
  • Promote your product by displaying it on other’s wall.
  • Enable the user to invite a friend to buy the product.
  • Displays the newly added product on the facebook app wall instantly when added on your magento store.
  • Displays the product details on the user’s facebook wall soon after the purchase of your product.
  • Convert each new customer to active customer by default facebook login.
  • Limitless product Display.
  • Shop and checkout directly on Facebook.
  • Displays your product updates on Users Facebook wall.
  • Promote your product by appearing on User’s Friends Facebook Wall.

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