Magento Reference Name List in layout XML for Template Designer

Magento use layout XML  to define page layout structure and indicate how blocks included and access to predefined position called reference area (either place holder). You can modify the layout by editing specific XML file for each module or from your Magento Extension (magento module) via reference name and reference attributes

Here is a list of references which you can use anywhere (global references) because these reference are used on almost pages/layouts

  • root – we will change it mostly to set up another .phtml file as a root template ex. (1column.phtml , 2columns-left.phtml ,2columns-right.phtml etc.)
  • head – as this reffers to our <HEAD> section on page, we will use this reference name to reflect our changes in this section
  • – defines our content for top menu section
  • left – defines our content for left column
  • right – as above but for right column
  • content – defines blocks placed in main content of our page
  • before_body_end – is used to add a block before end of our page so before </BODY>

References that we could use but they are more page-specific than for global use

- Customer account pages

  • customer_account_navigation
  • customer_account_dashboard

We will keep this article updated with full list complied from Magento template source