Magento Social Network Marketing and Integration – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Digg

Nowadays, Social Networking become popular more ever and social integration and social marketing is a essential part of your Magento ecommerce store in order to reach to potential customers. In this trend many social networking and social communication services published and offer a lots of value for your business. So far, we can see most famous services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Digg. However if you are new to these things, you must be very confused to know how they actually are and how they work differently.

Now I will give you an overview about marketing terms in Social Integration area.
1. Social Bookmarking – meaning people will save your web page URL with some related information in their bookmarking accounts. These bookmark might be private or publish to everyone.
So what benefit you get from these? Link popularity, traffic, ….
So how you add these to your Magento Store? Well, many famous providers provide this service such as Google Bookmarking, Facebook URL Sharer, Twitter tweet, Digg,….. but best way is to get a third-party services who offer all-in-one integration. I recommend Addthis but please look at Addthis problem article before integration

2. Like or Members or Follow – these are same but just different term for different services. Like or Recommend is a term used for Facebook which people become Fans of your Facebook page when they Like you. Members is a term used by Google Friend Connect. Follow is a term for Twitter when some one want to follow your twitter account
Note 1 You must hear a lots of Facebook fans but you never find any such feature on Facebook because Fans is an old concept and Facebook don’t use this word anymore in order to improve user experience. So now if you Like a Facebook page, you become a fan of the page. Facebook is displaying Fans as People who like your page.
Note 2 There is big difference when someone like your Facebook page and like a URL from your website. If they like your Facebook page, they become fans of your page or if they like a URL of your Website, it actually post a status to their wall only. So if you should more much benefit if you let them Like your Facebook page. For example, if you update anything on your Page’s wall, all fans will notice this

3. Google Plus (+1) – At moment, Google doesn’t support business page like Facebook so Google offer 2 things. Google Plus button which actually just do like a simple Facebook Like button for a specific URL, no more. Also Google offer a profile on Google Plus Social Networking but it is for personal use. You are clear? I hope Google will improve this in feature, otherwise Google lost a point

4. Widgets and Gadgets – so now if you have profiles/pages for your business/website on these social networking, you need to promote and attract people to stay with you. The best way is adding widgets and gadgets they have made ready to insert into your Magento website.
Facebook has some plugin such as Like button, Like boxes,….. You can find here
Google has Plus one button, Member Gadget, Featured Content,… You can find out more at
Twitter has some too such as Follow button, Twitter counter, Twitter Feed ….
You should decide what are added to your Magento Store instead of showing everything, you need to focus on your products and quality

Now you have an overview about these stuffs. At moment, I have intro Google Social Magento Extension, we will release soon a plugin and guide line which support all these integration for your Magento store, making your life easily. Bookmark us and keep in touch.