Magento: Tell / Email a friend – Feature by default

Magento has a default feature of Tell a Friend orEmail a Friend

To enable this feature,

- Go to System -> Configuration -> CATALOG -> Email to a Friend -> Email Templates

- Set Enabled = Yes
- If you want to display ‘Email to a Friend‘ link for Guest user also then set Allow for Guests = Yes
- You can also send the email to multiple recipients. To do so, set your desired recipients number like Max Recipients = 10

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After this feature is enabled from admin,

- Go to any product detail page in frontend.
- You will see ‘Email to a Friend‘ link there (just below the product name).
- Click that link.
- Now, in the email to a friend page, you can specify send name, email and message. And, you can add the recipients name and email address. You can add multiple recipients upto maximum number that you have set in admin settings.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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