Magento Translations module

One of the best things in Magento, you can easily add new languages on its Web site. It is done all using CSV files – a file for a module for each language. For most major languages translations are available as free Magento Magento Connect modules.

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What if we want to change the translation and not lose changes, after upgrading Magento and translations? Or if we want to translate common regardless of module? Or just a list of all the texts that were taken from us, and are not original texts Magento? We can use our own very simple translation module.

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You need to edit only two files:

* Etc / config.xml

class Baobaz_Translations_Helper_Data extends Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract


and that’s it … Module must be switched on (in etc / modules) and it will work.

in app / locale / fr_FR / file we create Baobaz_Translations.csv and in him we have all the new translations that we need.

Then, somewhere in Magento – whether it use templates, block or controller – we can:

echo  Mage::helper('translations')->__('text to translate');

Yes. It’s that simple.
(Based on baobaz Turtorial)

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