Magento widgets

What are these you ask?

Widgets allow you to information and marketing content easily to your site in Administrator panel. For example, you can paste the links to products, add links to categories or links to sites cms, CMS blocks, new, recently compared to that seen recently, product lists – and all this directly in nice and easy way in the back office. You do not need programming knowledge to add dynamic content to your Store pages.

Widgets can be added directly to CMS pages:

All you need to select, is widget-type …

… And see it on your CMS site.

Or you can widgets at other (non CMS) Sites cart basket, for example, a product or category page. For the Admin menu in the top CMS> Widgets and clicking on “Add New Widget Instance” button.

Select the desired, and click the Next button. Then you can specify where indicated by the creation of widget layout updates:

That’s it, your widgets exactly where you need it….
(Based on baobaz Turtorial)