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Magento Model Code Generation

This is a quick one for advanced users, is a recent problem, I answered StackOverflow inspired.

Magento as well as about an abstract system as one of the advantages is the opportunity it presents metaprogramming. Drops action in a controller (which is the following code, you can define an internal function in PHP)

Magento disable / stop block caching

magento disable cache for blockmagento disable cache blockmagento disable footer cacheHave you ever want to disable cache for a Magento block? When do we need it? – Yes, by default some Magento Block is enabled cache, sometime you may have some custom code (spaghetti style) in a HTML block and …

Magento Quickly Disable All Community Extensions

here nike shoes on sale This is absolutely for any Magento Developer. Magento provide ability to disable single Magento Extension one by one by change the module XML module under /app/etc/modules to false. However sometime, you have dozens of modules installed and you simply want to > disable all to …