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Get Table Name in Magento (eg with Table Prefix)

If you use table prefixes (you should) but you need to get the name of a table without having to hardcode in the table prefix, use this little snippet: $tableName = Mage::getSingleton(‘core/resource’)->getTableName(‘catalog_product_option’); Best probiotic I have used so far. Helps me anytime daily. Canadian pharmacy generic levitra. The National Association …

MVC Developers Part 6 – Entity Attribute Value

In our last article we told you there were two types of models in Magento. Regular, or “simple” models, and entity attribute value (or EAV) model. We also told you this was a bit of a fib. Here is where we come clean.

The following is part of a longer series on Magento aimed at developers familiar with PHP MVC development. Although each article can be read stand alone, each article is based on concepts and code covered in previous articles. If you are confused, especially to catch up on the earlier work first.