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Magento Model Code Generation

This is a quick one for advanced users, is a recent problem, I answered StackOverflow inspired.

Magento as well as about an abstract system as one of the advantages is the opportunity it presents metaprogramming. Drops action in a controller (which is the following code, you can define an internal function in PHP)

Magento Add Facebook Like/Share button to CMS page

magento facebook share button1. Add a meta tag in template/page/html/head.phtml. pay someone to write my paper 2. Create a Custom  Variable from System/Custom Variables, name it anything you like,  and paste the bellow code in the Custom Variable’s content area. cheap viagra online 3. To add like/share button …

Best Magento practice to get current Url of the page

magento get current urlmagento current urlget current url in magentoget current url magentoThe following code gives you the current url of the page you are:- $currentUrl = $this->helper(‘core/url’)->getCurrentUrl(); // Gives the base url of your magento installation $baseUrl = Mage::getBaseUrl(); //Gives the url of media directory inside your magento installation …