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MVC Developers Part 2 – Magento Controller Shipping and Hello World

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture traces its roots back to the programming language Smalltalk and Xerox Parc. Since then, many systems to describe their architecture and MVC. Each system is different, but they all have the goal of separating data access, business logic and user interface code from each other.

The architecture of PHP MVC frameworks, most will look something like this.

Magento Developer Certification Topics Index

1 – Basics This topic comprises approximately 5% of the exam. Questions are drawn randomly from the following objectives: Fundamentals ○ Describe and apply basic principles and processes of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Model-View-Controller (MVC) to build Magento websites ○ Identify and describe the principles of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) …

Magento Developer Certification Intro

Magento Certified Developer The Magento Certified Developer knows the features existing in the Magento core and how to implement them. In addition to that, he or she knows how the database storage is architected and has experience with the implementation details of all core Magento modules. A Magento Certified Developer can …

Magento – Format Price with Currency

When you fetch product data, you get the price as integer. Now, you must display the price with currency suffix. You can do this with the following code:- // let $_finalPrice be the integer price fetched $formattedPrice = Mage::helper(‘core’)->currency($_finalPrice,true,false); Looking for improvement for your Magento Store? Facebook Connector Extension Product related …