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Deleting Orders in Magento – Extension Roundup

With a default Magento installation it is not possible to delete orders once they have been placed. Fortunately there are quite a few extensions out there which try to fix this shortcoming. I have put them to the test with the following methodology: Freshly install Magento with sample data (I …

MVC Developers Part 5 – Config Resources

A rapid software development project, the task of tracking the development and production databases in sync become a sticky wicket. Magento has a version number system to a source migration scripts that can help your team much this often controversial part of the development to make.

The following is part of a longer series on Magento aimed at developers familiar with PHP MVC development. Although each article can be read stand alone, each article is based on concepts and code covered in previous articles. If you are confused, especially to catch up on the earlier work first.