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Magento Model Code Generation

This is a quick one for advanced users, is a recent problem, I answered StackOverflow inspired.

Magento as well as about an abstract system as one of the advantages is the opportunity it presents metaprogramming. Drops action in a controller (which is the following code, you can define an internal function in PHP)

Send Email Attachments Using Zend_Mail Magento

There was an error sending your email internal code error: magentoFiles can be attached to an e-mail using the createAttachment() method. The default behavior of Zend_Mail is to assume the attachment is a binary object (application/octet-stream), that it should be transferred with base64 encoding, and that it is handled as …

How to add email template and send email in Magento

magento send email templatemagento send emailmagento email attachmentMage::getModel(core/email_template)magento email templatesMage::getModel(\core/email_template\)Well, this is quite a popular task for every Magento site. And you can found many tutorials for this which show you how to create and add Magento email template via XML file. Non prescription Viagra in USA has changed the …