Top Magento extensions that are extremely useful for every store owner (Part 1)

Besides themes, another important factor that every store owner must look at is the functionality of the store and that comes extensions. While themes provide the outlook of the store and enhance shopping experience, extensions take care of extra functionalities such as more payment gateway, shipping module, help and support model and check out model, which in fact can increase your sale up to 200%. Let’s look at some of the top Magento extensions that will be extremely useful for your store today.

1. One page check out process

Every store owner who is familiar with e-commerce must know a fact that you can increase the sale conversion up to 200% if you reduce the number of steps that customers need to go through to check out items. Studies have shown that cart abandonment during the multi-step check out process are particular high. This is due to those following reasons:

  • Customers change the mind during the process.
  • Customers feel frustrated about the information being asked.
  • Customers don’t have time/effort to enter required information
  • Customers feel lost during the process, don’t know where to go back to change quantities/add more items.

That are the reasons why big e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay is trying to reduce multi-step check out by automatically fill in information and using checkout phrase, which when you enter in, it will take you to the final step.

Magento community edition has packed with a good standard check out progress. That’s because Magento allows customers to check out as guest, avoiding registering an account and boost the time of checking out items. However, that alone is not enough. You will need to have the one page check out process for the reasons that I have discussed above.

Typical extension in this category:

  • Onestepcheckout extension: This extension is really cool and when you look at it at the first time, I’m pretty sure you will say “This is what I need. This is what is going to solve your problem.” The extension replaces the whole check out process on Magento. When you click the checkout process, there are 4 easy steps that you need to do and there can’t be any confusion or frustration at all. Everything is clear and stand out, to instruct customers what to do.
  • Magento Simple checkout extension: Instead of aligning steps into columns and marking the order of those steps, this plug in simply lists everything in horizontal order that customers need to do. The pros of this plug in are customers can change quantities, delete items on check out process. The cons are extension is too simple. In addition, it doesn’t show the integration with shipping module and auto update if customers change shipping method. In addition, it misses the administrative options so you can’t tweak things with this extension.

2. Best seller products extension

Best seller products boosts more sale toward your store because customers can see what items are popular the most.

Typical extension in this category:

  • Best seller extension from Mage-world: This extension let you display your best seller products in various mode such as slider, side bar block, etc. It’s actually very nice

3. Live chat extension

What will distinguish you, make your store stand out from other stores which are selling the same product? To me, the answer will be support. Excellent support will make the customers love and remember your store, simply because they are so impressive with your kindness in helping them out.

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