Understanding Attributes Group in Magento and How to Tip

Magento is flexible with EAV database (Entity-Attribute-Value). And product attributes come as most advantage. This article will answers all problem related to attributes group and show you how to  access attributes group linked on specific attribute_set_info and get attribute group name, group id via entity_attribute_group.

So in Magento, you have to work and understand Attributes – Attributes Group – Attributes Set.

A group attributes will help you to group some attributes under a product tab in Magento backend while an attributes set is set of attributes group associated.

So in order to access a specific attributes group normally (easiest way) you will access via an attribute and a product instance

Example code

$group_id   =  $attribute->getData('attribute_set_info/' . $product->getAttributeSetId() .  '/group_id');
$group = Mage::getModel('eav/entity_attribute_group')->load($group_id);

$attribute : an instance of an attribute
$product : an instance of a product model
So you have group ID and $group which is an instance of attribute group entity
Now you can get any group attributes such as group label

$group_name = $group->getData('attribute_group_name');

Some posts say that you can get attribute group like this

$group_id   = $att->getData('attribute_group_id');

I haven’t tested this way yet. Feel free to try yourself and leave a comment for contribution.