Upgrade Magento Facebook Application to support OAuth 2.0

Since 12/13/11, all Facebook app must be upgraded to support OAuth 2.0 as described in OAuth2 migration announcement. Then you have to upgrade Facebook SDK or integrate/make changes to reflect (in the case you use HTTP without PHP SDK)

As part of our continued efforts to migrate all apps to OAuth 2.0, we opted in all apps using the new JavaScript SDK to OAuth 2.0 this afternoon at 11am PT and reverted at 1:30pm because we noticed that your app has not migrated. Please ensure that you have set the oauth param in FB.init to true and that you are using FB.getAuthResponse to obtain the access token.

Read more in the OAuth2 migration announcement, updates to the new JS SDK blog post, or our JS SDK docs.

If your app was affected today, please ensure that you have made these changes by December 13th, 2012 to avoid any disruption with your users.

Here are some overview about changes/migration

OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS Migration: October 1st Deadline

By October 1, 2011:

all Website and Canvas apps must exclusively support OAuth 2.0 (draft 20)
all Canvas and Page Tab Apps must use the signed_request parameter
an SSL Certificate is required for all Canvas and Page Tab apps (not in Sandbox mode)
old, previous versions of our SDKs will stop working, including the old JavaScript SDK (FeatureLoader.js), old iOS SDK (facebook-iphone-sdk)

How to migrate to OAuth 2.0

You can ensure that you have migrated by:

Implementing the OAuth 2.0 authentication system. For more details, please see our Authentication Guide.
Using the latest SDKs (the JavaScript SDK with the oauth:true parameter and the PHP SDK v.3.1.1)
Enabling the Encrypted Access Token migration in the Developer App to use the encrypted access token
For Canvas Apps, verifying that your app is using the signed_request parameter.

If you use Javascript SDK, you can follow this article to update


Some necessary steps
- Add oauth : true
- Change permission attribute from “perms” to “scope”

If you are using PHP SDK, please download and update Facebook PHP SDK. Most important change is with the cookie name from “fbs” to “fbsr”

All our Magento Facebook Extensions are compatible now
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