upstairs surrounded by trees

She loved having visitors to treehouse, the apartment on Humphrey Road where she lived for nearly 40 years. I remember her upstairs surrounded by trees, birds, butterflies, and ocean breezes. Also known as Hall, during the 1960s and early the treehouse was a safe, emotionally warm place where wayward friends with parental issues could stay a while.

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You should consider revising your Will whenever there are changes in the size of your estate. For example, when your children are young, you may think it best to have a trust for them so they do not come into absolute ownership of property until they are mature. Beware, if you draw lines through items, erase or write over, or add notations to the original Will, it can be destroyed as a legal document.

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Ray Lewis, get off your damn knees. While you’re at it, get off the damn field, too. Lewis was exposed as the biggest phony in sports last week when, after months of railing against Kaepernick and his kneeling during the anthem, Lewis was there on the field with the Ravens on not one knee, but two of them..

The Nolands were about to give in without a fight when Herhold stepped in and said they had a strong case against the trademark. Herhold filed a suit pro bono alleging that the “Surf City USA” trademark isn’t enforceable outside the Huntington Beach area. The Huntington Beach bureau launched a countersuit claiming their exclusive trademark had been infringed upon.

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This is essentially a slightly bigger version of the Fire 7 with you’ve guessed it an HD 8 inch display. As with the 7 inch above, you can buy it even cheaper if you choose the regular edition (from 79.99). But either way, the Fire offers brilliant value that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Since being paroled in 2012, Alcox has concentrated on rebuilding his life. But that doesn’t mean he’s done fighting for what he’s lost he’s preparing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Santa Barbara and the state. Alcox’s supporters aren’t ready to forgive or forget, either.

Built in 2004, the Crown Fountain is an interactive work of art and video sculpture in Millennium Park. The reflecting pool is made of black granite. And the 50 foot tall towers are made of glass brick with an LED digital video display that flashes 1,000 pictures of Chicagoans.