Magento Vertical Tree Menu Installation

Download Vertical Tree Menu Magento Extension here.

#1 Installation:

  1. Extract Magento Extension.
  2. Using your FTP client upload ‘app’ directory to your magento store root. This would not overwrite any files, just add the extension to its folder.
  3. That’s all.

#2 Extension Configuration

Under Configuration/Catalog – Select “Category Vertical Tree Menu”.

  • Hide Top Navigation: Whether to remove top menu or not.
  • Display Product Count: Whether to show number of product in category.
  • Root Categories: Show all categories or just subcategories of a current one.
  • Fallback to store base: If no current category is selected then its show all parent categories.(this option take affect when you choose “current category children” in Root Categories field.)
There are more many features added in latest version, so feel free to contact our support for any question